The system AMOS Cam (Automatic Meteor Orbit System Camera) consists of fish-eye lens, image intensifier, projected lens and digital video camera. The whole system is protected by outer and inner housing and monitoring by detectors of temperature (inside, outside), rain and illumination of the sky. The system is design for meteor observation, but could be used for meteorological, geophysical, aviation or satellite observations.

The network

The AMOS cameras systematically monitor meteor activity in the Slovak Video Meteor Network (SVMN) at three locations at present, AGO Modra, Arboretum T. Mlyňany, Kysucké Nové Mesto Observatory, Važec stations. More stations are planned to be built in central and eastern part of Slovakia as well as in Canary Islands and in Chile. The operation of cameras is semi-automatic and needs electric power and internet connection.


The internal part of system is portable (weight of 6.5 kg, size 50 x 25 cm) and suitable for expeditions from the ground or research planes.


The field of view of the AMOS is 180°x140° and the output digital resolution 1280x960 pixels with video frame rate of 15 per second. Limiting sensitivity is comparable to human eye (+5,5 mag. stellar objects, +4 mag. for moving objects).


The first prototype has been working at the AGO Modra Observatory since 2007. Each AMOS camera records about 10 000 meteors per year as well as about 50 transient luminous events (sprites, elves).


The standard deviation of reference stars are within an interval of 0.03-0.05 degrees resulting into several tens of meters for meteor atmospheric trajectory determination from a distance hundreds of kilometers. The internal precision of the AMOS cameras is even better, especially when the precise all-sky reduction methods are used.

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