Automated Measuring System

screenshot of AMS software

Professional solution for optical measuring

Optical measurings offers contactless, fast and accurate solutions for controlling products quality in industry. They enables simple putting and extension exactly according to customers needs. Universal access to scanning and scoring in combination with aspect control are becomming nowadays irreplaceable and fast returnable investment.

AMS Designer

Is used for measuring templates defition. Templates consists of measuring tools package, which evaluates necessary geometric and other parameters of measured product.

AMS Inspector

Basic module of whole application. In use with defined template from AMS Designer enables serial products measuring. Module creates basic protocol about measuring at the end of every measured amount and data database for later data handling too.

AMS Statistic

Follow-up module, which is used for data handling from database and generating statistic protocols about production in different seasons.

Special AMS applications

Open AMS system architecture enables simple extension of his functionality.
Special measuring tools
Line up to external measuring devices
Print protocols according to customers requirements
Implementation of AMS network version intro whole manufactural service

AMS Online Inspector

AMS system is extendible also for automatic measuring directly on production lines. This application requires overall project processing including mechanic adaptation of production line.
It's possible to integrate AMS Online Inspector also with aspect products control, eventually line in to inputs from other measuring devices and creates total measuring system of quality cantrolling and sorting products.