Software gives a complex solution in the field of digital image processing. Its unique plugin architecture allows the user to take advantage of the exactly needed features and keeps the program simple and useful. The program consists of one main core part and several smaller subprograms, used for special procedures. As image sources Impor 5.0 is using various perriferial devices, for example digital cameras, snap shot cameras, CCD analogue cameras, scanners etc. The devices are directly supported by Impor system. It means no additional software is needed for control. To mention something from numerous system features, there is a support of different graphic formats, overlays (useful if changes on the original image are inappropriate but additional description is needed), graphical filters (sharpening, noise reduction, contrast, brightness ...), binar operations (transparency, substracting ...), macros, area measurements, angle measurements, length measurements, language mutations support (fast modification to other languages) etc. System Impor is used in several industrial branches, geology, electrotechnical branches, biology, medicine quality control systems etc. The design and layout of this system was proved in many fields of use and it is further developed with help of customer feedback.


  • IMPOR BASIC 5.0 - IMPOR 5.0 with no plugins
  • IMPOR EDUCA 3.11 - light version of IMPOR BASIC 5.0 for schools
  • IMPOR PRO 5.0 - IMPOR 5.0 with the set of five plugins (Database, FFT, IAnalyse, ICompare, IMeasure)