Plugins for Import

Database,Databaseserver, Form

Database, Databaseserver, Form Plugin Database is designated for databasing and archiving of acquired information. The database allows creation of pages containing fields for description of subsistent pictures. It supports searching based on the principle of keywords or strings. The choice of the archiving on a different medium protects the user from undesirable loss of data.

Software DatabaseServer works as a network database connection. It creates a central database connectable from all over the world. The extended system of passwords and defined access rights fully protects the data from any missusage. Integration of multilevel searching procedures secures fast finding of desired information.

Program Form is another superstructure of the database, designated for easy and fast creation of forms. The software fills up the form itself with texts and pictures from the selected database page. This process saves time for filling the form. The forms are fully editable with option of numerous layouts.

ObjectCompare, Scale

ObjectCompare, Scale Plugin ObjectCompare is designated for comparing of two objects or images. System of various comparison methods allow to find always the optimal way of comparing the single details (e.g transparency comparison, live mode comparison etc.) The program also allows moving and 2D as well as 3D rotation of both compared objects, or there moving and rotation. With help of marking point selection the program can automatically adjust the objects into the same position, so they overlap.

Plugin IMeasure imports gauges into objects. Those can be altered (shape, font, type, size...) And saved for future usage.

Spectral Analyse

Spectral Analyse Plugin Spectral Analyse serves for areal and proportional sample analysis. Using of selection filters, macros (program remembers used parameters and uses it for automatization), graphical presentation (graph export to Excel) is accelerating the processing. The option of authomatic averaging and checking older files keeps a good overview of the results. This program also supports manulal analysis of the areas and sensitive selection tresholding. Multicolor selection allows it to get the areal analysis results for more objects and it is supported by ratio graphs and functions.

Object Measuring

Object Measuring Plugin ObjectMeasuring contains measurement functions which are not contained in the core of the Impor system, e.g. Abscissa measurement, point to line distance, two parallel distances , circle diameter etc. The program automatically exports the measurement results on picture overlay and to the computer memory, where it is ready for export to the other application. The measured values can be arbitrarily moved, their size, font, line thickness, colour, etc. can be changed.

Object Counting

Object Counting Plugin ObjectAnalyse is able to count the quantity of the objects in the picture. Program automatically shows the object number on an overlay, which can be printed, erased etc. The software permits a minimal object size definition, which eliminates the noise influence on the counting algorithm. Program supports sensitive tresholding by automatic object selection, but manual selection is also implemented, for more advanced and complicated analysis. It is also possible to use selection filters, which will automatize and accelerate the analysis.

Color Settings

Color Settings Plugin ColorSettings is designated to set off the details of samples with limited color pallet, e.g. roentgen pictures etc. It applies 32 bit color pallet on a picture and by means of setting options it sets off details which are not visible without the se alterations. The second part of the program contains a function for object intensity evaluation (densitometry). The software offers various methods of results evaluation and all results are exported to a table which can be printed later, etc.

Auto Focus

Auto Focus Plugin AutoFocus connects single pictures taken with different focus distance. If the sharpness depth of a microscope is not sufficient for taking a picture of an object with relief, then this software connects the pictures taken with different focus lengths to a complete sharp image. There are many options for image improvement, such as graphic filters, averaging, etc.