Compact profilometry device LPM is used for optical contactless measurement of objects 3D profile along defined cut. For this purpose is used well known, so-called triangulation principle. There is screened thin laser line on measured object. Laser line image is scanned at degrees by digital camera. From every scanned image is possible to evaluate actual 3D profile.

This device works in collaboration with classical PC, where is making evaluation. For indication transmission is used standard IEEE-1394 interface (FireWire). On one PC can be connected more LPM devices, but we must face the consequences, that evaluation every LPM device saddle up to considerable size processor. Therefore, when measurement is running on more devices parallely, in more then two paralel connected devices is possible, that it won’t be possible to use their maximum performance (evaluation speed).

Recommended is the fastest PC, the best is Pentium 4, at least 2,8 GHz, together with fast memory. For FireWire interface is possible to use standardly accesible cards for PCI bus, eventually PCMCIA cards for notebook use too. Inasmuch as, that FireWire bus has limited permeability and considering large data flow, requisiting by LPM device, is recommended to use for everyone LPM device connection individual FireWire card.

Program LPMView attends for communication with laser line profilemeter. Program makes possible:

- To show actual object profile, which is in concrete LPM device operating range.

- To save scanned profile into CSV a XLS format.

- To change LPM device parameters settings.

- To show picture, which can see camera placed in LPM device.

- To save picture from camera like an bitmap picture.

Technical specifications: LPM - 100 LPM - 200 LPM - XXX
Measuring range in z axis (vertical) 210 - 235mm 420 - 470mm according to application
Measuring range in z axis * + - 0,08mm + - 0,15mm according to application
Measuring range in x axis (cross) ** 100mm 200mm according to application
Number of samples in x axis 1350 according to application
Evaluation speed 25 prof./s (50 prof./s) *** max 10 000 prof./s
Driving voltage 9 - 24 V DC  
Laser diode type 660 nm / 25 mW according to application
Laser scatter angle 30° according to application
Cable PC length 4 m according to application
PC interface IEEE-1394 (FireWire)  
PC requirements Pentium 4; Windows 2000/XP  
* Refers to measuring on white diffuse surface
** Refers to z = 210 (LPM-100), resp. z = 420 (LPM-200)
*** Refers to version ´S´