Program MicroFocusScan (MFS) is used for reconstruction 3D model's surface scanned with scope. It proves to create model of surface together with colour texture of surface. Measured datas can be displayed in 3D space and next-processed.

Measurements keystone

MicroFocusScan system principle is based on recognization objects depth. For this purpose is used series of pictures scanned with optical system with small depth of focus. From pictures scanned from different distance is computed elevated map of object, and scanned object texture too. For scanning is used either adapted motorised scope or special built optic system with linear displacement. System uses dagital camera with high resolution, which is connected with PC.

Displaying modes

MFS system supports several modes of displaying scanned datas:

- Texture displays reconstructed sharp texture whole scanned surface of object

- Wire model displays clear object's model

- 3D model displays continual object's model and according to settings it applicate also evaluated texture on model. 3D model is possible to rotate and increase.


Evaluated 3D object's model is usable for many applications.

- Texture and surface reconstruction in some applications of microscopy is necessarily to get colour or black & white texture of vertical segmentated object's surface.

- Measuring of material decreaseenables to control shabbiness of tools, for example planings knifes, millers, drills.

- Parameters measuring - it is possible to measure and evaluate model's length and depth parameters.

- Special measuring - example can be parameters measuring of draws to shape wire, which can't be measured with else conventional method. In help with advanced sestym library MFS is possible to evaluate also parameters, which are not straight visibled on one individual object's model.