Laser projector solution for industry

- Profesional laser projector

- Easy to use software

- Sturdy case with active cooling

- Optional DMX control over more lasers

- Designed and produced in Slovakia

Target industry:

- Automotive – part position, pattern matching

- Textile and Leather – cutting paterns, visual quality inspection inside the shape

- Wood – positioning, pattern templates

- Paper – paper roll glueing patterns

- Metal – steel industry

- Anywhere you need positioning, aiming and pattern applications

Scanning system CT 6800

- pair of X,Y scanners Cambridge Technology, drivers, mounting,

power supply, scan angle +/-40°, up to 40.000pps@5° with mirror for 3mm beam

Mechanical parameters:
Rotor Intertia 0.028 gm * cm2
Max. rotor temperature 100 °C
Electric/mechanical driver
Coil resistance 2.53 Ohms, +/- 10%
Coil inductance 94 μH, +/- 10 %
RMS current 4,1 Amperes at Tcase of 50°C,Max
Peak current 8 Amperes, Max
Lasser parameters:
Wavelength 642nm
Max. laser power 150mW
Blanking up to 50kHz
Power management by voltage
Cooling active air

Navigator includes:

- Laser projector

- Power cable

- Navigator CPU box

- Installation CD with software

- Operation manual